Proprietary Stem Cell Technology

ALD stem cell therapy

Our proprietary technology represents a novel approach to isolating specific adult stem cells for therapy. We identify, select and isolate specific adult stem cells that express high levels of the enzyme ALDH. We believe that the use of ALDH expression as a marker for stem cells has a strong biological rationale. ALDH plays an important role in controlling the developmental state of stem and progenitor cells. It converts Vitamin A into retinoic acids, which are molecules that regulate genes and influence the differentiation of blood, neural, endothelial and other types of stem and progenitor cells. We also believe that sorting cells based on a functional intracellular marker such as ALDHbr, as compared to other technologies that sort on the basis of cell surface markers alone and isolate only one particular type of cell, provides us with advantages, including the ability to produce a heterogeneous cell population with a high level of cellular activity. To identify ALDHbr cells, we use a proprietary chemical compound that accumulates in cells with high ALDH levels and causes these cells to emit a green florescence that can be detected by a cell sorting device.

Each of our product candidates (ALD-301ALD-201ALD-401) consists of the population of ALDHbr stem cells we produce using our proprietary technology to sort the cells present in a specified quantity of bone marrow collected from the patient receiving the therapy. Each of these product candidates is administered directly into damaged ischemic issue to maximize the potential local therapeutic effects of the ALDHbr cells.