Our Vision


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RECOVER: Stroke Study
Strokes typically result in a loss of brain function due to a reduction in the blood supply to the brain...read more

3 circles Proprietary Stem Cell Technology
Our proprietary technology represents a novel approach to isolating specific adult stem cells for therapy...read more

Our Vision

Cytomedix, a leading commercial developer of regenerative therapies derived from, and delivered to the same patient.

sonfatherOur bodies are designed to heal and repair damaged tissue. Aging, environment, disease and injury are factors that lead to impaired healing i.e. our bodies lose the capacity to completely heal themselves. Cytomedix develops proprietary blood and bone marrow fractionation technologies to isolate adult stem cells and platelets with high regenerative capacity.  

Cytomedix patented platelet-derived technologies and adult stem cell products are differentiated by:

  • High levels of biologic activity
  • Precision separation processes
  • Autologous – collected from patient, administered to same patient
  • Short processing time - from and to, the patient

Our vision is to deliver safe, effective regenerative therapies derived from, and delivered to the same patient, for chronic, seriously debilitating disorders that will improve outcomes for patients, clinicians and payers.